Report Card Day….

today is a report card session for parent. so I take a break for 2 hours to meet teachers of my 4 kids with my hhubby together with all kids.

all the daughter ager 8-10, are schooling at primary school in morning session and religeous school in afternoon session. Its really a full of energy each of them…penat sangat! everyday …

About the last child-  a 5 year old son and kindergarten at PASTI an-nur..

Go and get close  to teacher’s view and comment. All the teachers are very supportive and provide us a lot of info which also, we are not notice about our own kid -day-to-day behaviour. Amongs,  they are sometime less attention during study, day dreaming, talkative, main banyak sangat… and etc.

One of the teacher share about the ambition or the future learning for our kid in 2 years time from now. where are we plan our kid to study at? his advised, We need to share it with the kid. Lets them feel and plan together. are the wish them to go to which school? than easier and fair to them also.

He said, If we plan to send them to academic such as MRSM, so we need to know what are the criteria of the student should have? and are the kid aware about it? are we the parent aware? If in the religeous school, it really need extra more attention as nowdays, religeous school not only particular in good score in religeous subject but also wanna excellent marks in academmics, they are higher standard. not easy to enroll if we lack of quality in religeous and academic.

For sure we wanna both of fields and its should not be separated at all. From now on we going to have a discussion session at least once a month to share kid’s view on how day to day study and also their difficulty and provide more gift and praise for support their hard and smart works!

Hope they, anak-anak tercinta will bahagia dan berjaya dalam hidup dan sentiasa membawa dan membela agama Islam bersama walau kemana mereka pergi. InsyaAllah.



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